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"Well from the plains of Texas there came a man whose skin is tougher'n a frying pan. He can rope, and ride, and fly high too, toss a semi-truck up into the blue. He's a cowboy like in the classic style, he'll tip his hat with a prairie smile. Villains he'll rope and tie; no fuss, he's fair, polite and don't never cuss. Gone up to the city and got Unionized 'Cause his strength and heart are Texas-Sized. To Wrangler! Yee-Haw! three cheers! so slap your knees and raise your beers!"
-Ballad of Wrangler by Country Star Declan Oake

Real Name: Mack Travis
First Appearance: 1996
Powers & Abilities: Superstrength, Invulnerability, Flight
Notable Equipment: Fibresteel Rope Lasso
Born: 1979, Austin Texas
Height & Weight: 6’ 4”, 289 lbs
Occupation: CEO of Tex-EN, a Renewable Energy Company (formerly CEO of Travis Oil)
Notable Associates: Vera Travis (mother), Angelica Kurz-Halle (Supermodel Girlfriend), Bumble-Boy (Best Friend), Rescue Dog (Dog)
Team Affiliations: The Union of Heroes, Bumble-Boy and Pals 
Nemeses: Oil Baron, Rustler, KRUSSH

Fully Playable Hero


Mack Travis was born and raised in Texas. Since he was a li’l tyke he's had remarkable strength, and as far as he reckons, he's gotten stronger every day. By the time he graduated high school he could fly and bullets bounced off his skin. He always loved stories about cowboys, Texas Rangers, and his great-great grandad who fought with Sam Houston. He learned to rope and to throw a lasso both on the ground and in the air. He bench-pressed full cattle cars. So he went to the big city lookin’ to put his strength and skills with a lasso to work in the cause of justice. He carries a long fibersteel cable that he uses to rope and take down law-breakers and super-criminals alike. Wearing a classic duster, cowboy boots, riding gloves and a stetson over his spandex costume, he looks every inch the iconic cowboy hero. At first he had some trouble adapting to the culture of Union City, he never really met too many folks who didn’t look or think like him growing up on his ranch back in Texas. But Wrangler isn’t just physically strong, he’s got a strong heart and has become one of the most accepting and tolerant heroes in Union City. He’s a natural-born leader. He started a posse of super-powered friends which, because no one else could really agree on a name, has become known as Bumble-Boy and Pals. He’s also taken on a lead role in the Union of Heroes, leading them against Dr. Necronomicon, Circe the Sorceress, and KRUSSH. He has also had a series of run-ins with the Gewl Corporation including fighting their Caliban Project, the Giant Robot Centipede, and Rustler, an evil version of Wrangler that Gewl imported from another dimension. Wrangler is friendly, polite, and strong as they come. He is confident, with square shoulders and steady hands. He’s proud of being from Texas and of being American. He sees the best parts of both and that outlook also tends to let him see the best in those around him. But if you get his dander up, y’all better watch out. 

Heroic Tactics:

Dr. Tomorrow begins the game with three Experiment Origin Cards: Magnetic Manipulators, Mobile Lab, and Tesla Gauntlets. By being creative and inventive he can destroy these, simultaneously performing uncanny deeds and culling his deck of less potent cards. But that’s not the only way he can refine and improve his deck. Technobabble allows him to store cards, keeping them in reserve which can be used in a number of ways. It’s a quick and easy method of pulling a weak card like a Plucky Intern out of your deck without needing to destroy it. Plus, you can get powerful but situational cards like Supersonic Speedster or Bred for Battle when the moment is right. But that’s far from Dr. Tomorrow’s only trick. Doctor Tomorrow is particularly adept at destroying cards, not just for himself but for other Heroes as well. Occam’s Razor lets you destroy one of your own cards when you achieve it and then lets another hero both destroy and draw via its Feat. Half-Life is the most reliable way of doing this with the added bonus of letting heroes preview and potentially discard the top card of their decks. Having the right card with the right resources in your deck isn’t always enough, though. You need them to be in your hand on the turn that matters, and Dr. Tomorrow is sharp enough to have methods for helping with this too. Quantum Tunnel destroys itself to get a union card from anywhere on the board into your hand while Supersymmetry lets you take a card from his own discard pile to use that turn. Destroying cards is only one part of his capacity to craft decks. Once per turn, when he gains Heroism, he can put a Union Card on the Starting Block block, giving all the heroes more options to be the best they can be. 

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