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The Union of Heroes is the premiere association of the costumes avengers in the world. It counts scores of heroes amongst its ranks, nearly every active vigilante in the world. The Union boasts many meta-humans, aliens, magic-users, and even animal heroes in its ranks. There are also many average humans with extraordinary skills, weapons, or other equipment that lets them stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their powered peers. 

The Union was formed in 1960 as the culmination of a number of notable events. The Order of the Spectrum, the golden-age team that was located in Union City, had been inactive for years. Like so many crusaders from World War II they had hung up with capes and cowls when peace was at last won. But powered crime had not abated and there was a new generation of silver-age sentinels who emerged in response. Heroes like Rick Rocket, Gill Guy, Galactic Knight, Captain Jupiter and more made their debuts fighting off alien invasions, malicious devils, and mad scientists. But the more criminals who were turned over to the police, the more complicated the legal situation became. 

Defense lawyers brought got acquittals and filed appeals on the grounds that masked individuals couldn't testify in open court. Garth Gewl also brought a landmark lawsuit against Mr. Power in a novel attempt to bring down the world's greatest hero. Earl Strother, the corrupt police commissioner, adopted a strategy used by one of predecessors on the Green Death, putting out warrants for heroes and setting up a special Cape-Buster police unit. 

Senator Marcus Washington, the alter-ego of Master-of-Arms, one of those new heroes, came up with a plan. He got together with the most well-respected and beloved paladins to create an organization that could represent them collectively. Mr. Power, Blue Jay II, Jet Girl, Captain Jupiter, and Gill Guy became the first public field team and the exemplars of superheroics. Master-of-Arms negotiated with the City Council to enact new laws which would allow members of the Union to testify in costume and protect them from lawsuits and being arrested for normally illegal actions taken in aid of superheroism. 

As the years passed, more and more costumed adventurers got their Union Cards. Soon the Union was offering apprenticeships, organizing community outreach, and helping support the populations that they protected. The Union became a vast alliance for good and getting a position on their "action roster" as a member of the field team became a singular honor. Members who are not on that A-List fill many other roles like monitors, tutors, secretaries, and envoys to various government agencies both in the US, abroad, and intergalactically. One of the most common tasks to maintain Union membership is rescue and cleaning up and repairing destruction during and after villainous attacks. 

There is a rich history to the Union of Heroes, as well as countless adventures of the various field teams over the years. They've defeated the baddest villains, foiled the most diabolical plots, and averted some of the biggest disasters in history. Now a new menace threatens Union City and the Union is assembling the best of the best once more to put a stop to evil and villainy once and for all. 

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