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"There is a blight in our streets. A murdering vigilante. While his victims may be underworld hoods and thugs, we cannot abide criminality of any kind! This gun-toting masked man uses bullets and fists to do the job of god-fearing duly appointed lawmen, and he tears through our peaceful streets in his so-called emerald deathmobile. We will tolerate this one-man war on crime no more! Today we are announcing that there is a reward for the capture of the Green Death!"
-Brian Deward, Union City Police Commissioner

Real Name: Weston Drake
First Appearance: 1931
Powers & Abilities: Stealth, fighting skills, and deductive mind enhanced by the Green Skull Herb, a secret lair, considerable financial wealth
Notable Equipment: Twin Sterrick Pistols, Smoke Bombs, Emerald Deathmobile
Born: 1900, Union City
Height & Weight: 6’, 176 lbs
Occupation: Wealthy Socialite
Notable Associates: Martin Palmerston (Loyal Manservant), Hugh Drake (Ne’er-do-well Son), Captain John Graham (Police Ally)
Team Affiliations: The Union of Heroes, Order of the Spectrum
Nemeses: The Pterano-Don of the Dino-Mafia, Ms. Fit’s Mob, Gorilla Gangster, Giggles the Clown

Fully Playable Hero


Weston Drake was island-hopping in the South Pacific when he was nearly killed by a group of pirates during the 1920’s. He was left for dead and discovered by a long-hidden native tribe. Their medicine man performed a sacred ritual and gave him the Green Skull Herb that restored Weston Drake to health and sharpened his mind. The drug induced rage, pain, and strength in the adventurer. With a stock of it Weston returned to his hometown of Union City where he set about creating the persona of a terrifying avenger. A grim spectre appeared on the rooftops, in the alleyways, and busting down the doors of the speakeasies of Union City. He was the Green Death, a two-gunned, two-fisted vigilante who would cut down the scum and criminal element that festered in his city. He had custom pistols made by an old school chum who owned Sterrick Firearms. The Green Death himself designed a custom car to tear around the city, fitting it out with bullet-proof glass and built-in weaponry. The mantle of the Green Death has been passed down many times. Weston Drake passed it to his son after a tragically lethal misunderstanding. This legacy continues in the distant future and, inexplicably, in the ancient past. Now, in the present day, the Green Death has reappeared in Union City once more, with the same look as the original and the same twin guns blazing. No one is sure who has taken up the veil of the Green Death, though rumors abound. The Green Death is exceptionally stealthy, sneaking in and out of situations and using green smoke bombs in combat to disappear, taunting opponents with a haunting laugh. The Green Death is as good at solving mysteries as he is at being mysterious. The veil over the vigilante’s face obscures all emotion, making them look eternally grim and foreboding with terrifying, laughing eyes. The Green Death is obsessed with eradicating crime and putting criminals either in jail or in their graves. This makes some moralistic heroes squeamish, but the Green Death insists that the guns aren’t about carnage, but are tools used  to protect the lives of ordinary citizens.

Heroic Tactics:

The Green Death relies on stealth both as a method of protection and a means of intimidation. His Veiled in Shadow ability exemplifies this, allowing him to boost Defense he gains by 2 once each turn. This lets him get in combat with the biggest, nastiest foes without getting flattened. But it relies on him having enough defensive cards to boost. His own Poison Gas Pellets are an important part of his arsenal. It stays in play until the Green Death needs the Defense and has the added bonus of damaging the attacker. This can be particularly potent when combined with Two-Fisted Vigilante. Two-Fisted Vigilante deals damage to an attacker and lets the Green Death draw cards, but only if he’s taken no damage. This is another element of the Green Death’s strategy: Drawing cards in reaction to being dealt damage. One of his most powerful cards, Haunting Laughter, lets him do this multiple times a turn if he’s being assaulted. This will allow him more chances to draw the cards he needs, like more Counters or Gambits to keep him safe. The Green Death’s most potent protective card is his Emerald Deathmobile, which lets him discard another card for Defense. This armored tactical vehicle also has excellent basic Speed or allows you to gain Might based on his Speed, making it both an uncanny means of getting around and a weapon in and of itself. This further incentivizes the Green Death to achieve Speed cards from the Union Deck. Speed cards often have Defense and the Green Death doesn’t have enough of either in just his Origin and Power Deck to be truly effective. The best strategy is to prowl the city, gather defensive cards, and then go into the battle with sufficient     Might and Speed to take on the villain. 

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