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One-Shot Hero

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"My perfect pupil. My greatest warrior. The Shogunate of Steel gave you everything and you betrayed us. Why? Because we ordered you to kill? It is a Samurai's duty to obey orders to kill. But you are no samurai. You have disgraced your Shogun and our order. You are now a ronin. A lone warrior with no clan and no honor. You will live in disgrace... At least for the next few minutes. Ninjas! Kill this traitor!"
-The Blind Shogun

Real Name: Lee Huai-Chin
First Appearance: 1978
Powers & Abilities: Advanced Martial Arts Techniques, Physical Training, Mental Discipline, Focused Willpower
Notable Equipment: Martial Arts Weaponry, Ronin Armor
Born: 1950, Hong Kong
Height & Weight: 5’ 9”, 177 lbs
Occupation: Sensei
Notable Associates: Komodo (former pupil) 
Team Affiliations: Shadow Shogunate (defected from)
Nemeses: Blind Shogun and the Steel Shogunate, Shadow Shinobi


Born deaf and mute, Lee Huai-Chin learned to be observant; to read lips and then to read people. He was a prodigy and soon found his confidence in learning Martial Arts. He proved to be an instant master and  could internalize a move just by seeing it performed once. He took classes, went to tournaments, and watched every kung fu movie he could get his hands on. He began winning all his matches and seeking out new instructors which attracted the attention of the Steel Shogunate. He was tracked and confronted by the Silver Crane, one of their most lethal assassins. But he did not come to kill young Lee, he came to test him and to recruit him. Lee was brought to Shiro Steel, the hidden fortress of the Steel Shogunate. There he met his new master and idol, Blind Shogun. The ancient warrior was completely sightless and yet he easily bested Lee in bout after bout. Lee became a willing pupil, and soon he became the finest of their mercenaries, created anew as Silent Samurai. But for all their lessons, all their indoctrination, they could not break his moral compass. When they pushed Lee to become an assassin, he rebelled. He fought the Blind Shogun to a standoff and escaped, changing from a Silent Samurai into a Silent Ronin.

Heroic Tactics:

Silent Ronin’s deck revolves around his Zen Heroism and its many uses. This unique resource is both generated and utilized by all his cards, though it can be used as Heroism normally.  Master of 1,000 Styles is the ultimate Silent Ronin Card, both boosting Zen Heroism and getting free cards to add to your deck. Most of the other Silent Ronin’s cards focus on powerful Might or Defense. Tae Kwondo Stance’s Galvanize and Zen Meditation’s Alert are the easiest way to gain Zen Heroism, but other cards can generate more of it, like the one- time Rally on Shotei Strike, the Galvanize on Aikido Throw, and Discarding via the Alert on Nunchaku. 

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