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"I've studied the classics, learned ancient greek, and did a thesis on Homer. Nothing could've prepared me for Odysseus. He is both exactly what I would've expected and completely original at the same time. He is Odysseus as a world- famous Prince charming who fights alongside superheroes with spear and shield. He's both trying to get home and enjoying the journey. This is a third great adventure of Odysseus unfolding before our eyes!"
-Thomas Gregory-Clarke, Agent of S.U.P.E.R.

Real Name: Prince Odysseus, Son of Laertes
First Appearance: 2018
Powers & Abilities: Clever, Trained in Battle, Famous
Notable Equipment: Spears, Sword and Shield, Bow and Arrow, Armored leather jacket, Mystical Helmet
Born: 1230 BC, Ithaca, Greece
Height & Weight: 5’ 11”, 198 lbs
Occupation: Adventurer Prince
Notable Associates: Agent Thomas Gregory-Clark (S.U.P.E.R. liason), Penelope Giannoukos (Tutor and lover), Stavros Kokkinos (Corporate Sponsor and fan)
Team Affiliations: The Union of Heroes
Nemeses: Golden Wolf, Alexander the Great, Circe the Sorceress

Fully Playable Hero


Odysseus was the key to Dr. Mavrokordatos’ plan when he created K.R.O.N.O.S. the time-travel robot. He plotted to kidnap iconic people from throughout time and hold them prisoner until the world paid a ransom to protect the past. The chronal scientist’s first test was meant to be Odysseus, hero of the Trojan War and legendary voyager. But Mavrokordatos’ calculations were off, and instead of the king of legend it was a cavalier prince who was brought forward to modern Union City. Prince Odysseus was more than the mad scientist had bargained for, though. Odysseus wrecked K.R.O.N.OS. in a battle worthy of an epic. When Odysseus overloaded the robot’s temporal  batteries the explosion killed Mavrokordatos and destroyed his lab, stranding Prince Odysseus in the present. S.U.P.E.R. and Doctor Tomorrow helped verify the time-lost hero’s identity and acclimate him to the current era. Odysseus was at the Tomorrowdrome working on Dr. Tomorrow’s rapid-language program when the lab was infiltrated by the Magpie, attempting to steal some tech. Odysseus kicked his ass before the security drones could even react. He realized exactly what he wanted to do with his time in the future. He wanted to be a super hero!   Now Odysseus adventures in Union City, righting wrongs and trying to find a way home. With his sword and shield, his bow and arrows, and his trusty spears, he dispenses justice as he sees fit. He has a lot to learn before he becomes the “Clever Odysseus” of Homer but he learns more every day. He revels in his adventures with the heroes, gods, and monsters of this distant era. He knows that he has an immense legacy awaiting him but for right now he is more than happy to live his life to the fullest on this new adventure. He’s dated several men and women since his impromptu arrival in the present and become a celebrity, embracing the paparazzi and public adoration. He’s carefree, enthusiastic, and a thrill-seeker. He loves all the new tech, taking the subway and often putting in earbuds for his UpTunes before going into combat so he can rock out while he fights.

Heroic Tactics:

Odysseus has no superpowers or tech to aid him in combat, but he stands shoulder-to- shoulder with other heroes due to his warrior’s prowess and his clever mind. He is also an explorer at heart and is at his best when he is on the go, discovering new things and finding new places. This is most iconically represented with Prince’s Prerogative, his base ability. When he explores a new space, he can Galvanize to gain Valor that can only be used on a block that he’s explored that turn. This means he gets more power to achieve new Union Cards and deal with Valor Challenges when he’s in a new location. To help him do this, one of his Talent Power Cards is Wanderer, which lets him Explore without needing to exert Speed and gives him a bonus card during his Draw Phase. Another of Odysseus’ clever strategies is utilizing discards in a variety of ways. The Warrior Prince Power Card deals damage to an enemy on his block when he discards. Helm of Kings allows him to draw a card when he discards a card once during his turn. Combine the two and you can cycle cards and deal damage regularly. And he has many cards that let him discard to take full advantage of this. His Origin Card Idol of Millions lets him discard to gain extra Valor, letting him get more powerful cards earlier in the game. Castaway in Time can be discarded to double needed  resources in his hand and his classic ploy, the Trojan Horse, not only Counters for Defense but lets him draw. Odysseus is also very good at hit and run tactics. Achaean Ambush is especially useful in striking at an enemy and then getting out of their threat range while Challenge of the Bow is one of the few cards in the game that can damage an enemy from afar. 

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