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"Lady Sunbeam has been an icon for decades. Anyone who took that mantle was going to be stepping into a world of judgement and impossible expectations. Emilia not only embodies everything that Lady Sunbeam should be, not only has she stepped up against even bigger foes, but she's faced adversity with so much dignity and poise that she's taken it to another level. She's a queen!"
-Lynia Mix, Reporter for HER Weekly

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Fully Playable Hero

Real Name: Emilia Ricci
First Appearance: 2012
Powers & Abilities: Channels the power of the sun to allow her flight, superstrength, healing, toughness, light blasts and the ability to generate and manipulate heat, light, and fire
Notable Equipment: The Solar Matrix (which is merged with her)
Born: 1984, Union City
Height & Weight: 5’ 8”, 121 lbs
Occupation: Director of the Sunbeam Coalition, an activist NPO
Notable Associates: Jane Day (the Original Lady Sunbeam, retired), Lynia Mix (Reporter and friend), Artie Yousef (Boyfriend)
Team Affiliations: The Union of Heroes
Nemeses: Starlet, Madame Moon, the Galactans


Emilia Ricci was born Eric Ricci but struggled from a young age with who she really was. Even as a child she idolized Lady Sunbeam, the bright and shining heroine who seemed to be the perfect woman. When Emilia came out and began to transition to her true self, it wasn’t easy. Some boys kept their distance, some girls snickered, and her parents, even though they were trying their best, were no help at all. But Lady Sunbeam gave her hope as well as goals. Emilia dyed her hair blonde and wore the same shades of makeup. She tried to project the same confidence and beauty. Emilia became an outspoken member of the Trans community, being an activist and an advocate. Lady Sunbeam had always stood up for the rights of marginalized communities. Her advocacy brought the two women together and Lady Sunbeam was impressed by the young woman. The two worked together for a few years when Jane Day decided it was finally time for her to retire. Emilia had thought that working with Lady Sunbeam was the greatest thrill of her life; then her icon asked Emilia to take up the mantle of Lady Sunbeam and carry on her legacy. Emilia was bestowed with the Solar Matrix, a powerful alien artifact that unlocks the power of the sun, creating a living conduit with it. There was small-minded outrage and hostility when Emilia debuted as the New Lady Sunbeam. The Chet Trimble Show devoted numerous episodes to decrying her in loud screeds on GNN. But this could not dim her enthusiasm to be a hero. Taking down Prince Vice and saving the city quieted many. Some people may never accept her but she works every day to be the greatest heroine that she can be and to live up to the tremendous gift that she has been entrusted with. The New Lady Sunbeam is passionate and principled. She feels the eyes of the world on her and she is determined to exceed everyone's expectations. She is supremely confident in her moral compass and her ideals. She has seen people at their worst and at their best. In her heart, she knows what is right and what is wrong. The New Lady Sunbeam is sassy, sweet, and always holds her head up high. 

Heroic Tactics:

Lady Sunbeam is one of the most straight- forward heroes to play and an excellent choice for first time players. But that in no way means she’s weak. In fact, she may be able to muster more Might than any other hero. Speed of Light gives a choice of excellent Might or excellent Speed. Red Shift can provide between four and seven Might, based on the Issue. Solar Flare can also be potent if Lady Sunbeam has gained some Heroism during the turn. Lady Sunbeam is particularly adept at gaining Heroism, if she utilizes her Solar Matrix origin card for achieving Union Cards. The Galvanize on Rainbow Bolt also grants Heroism, but to whichever Hero has the fewest level tokens. This is another key feature of Lady Sunbeam’s strategy: helping her companions. Lady Sunbeam has an extraordinary capacity to benefit her entire team in a variety of ways. Aurora not only boosts the damage on Blinding Flash’s but turns its Counter into card drawing for an ally. Sunrise is even more effective at allowing allies to draw cards. It can also be destroyed to heal another hero of a potent four Damage, making it a robust healing card, even though it can only be used this way once. More reliably, Hero’s Heart can heal herself or a friend every time it is Galvanized as long as they’re wounded badly enough. Lady Sunbeam’s base ability, Solar Powered, may not be as dynamic as other heroes’, but it means she can get Power Cards earlier in the game, potentially even on her first turn. This free boost can also be used to put her closer to the eight Heroism needed for Passing the Torch which allows her to draw an extra card every turn, making her hand permanently 20% bigger and better!

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