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"I came to America to study with Doctor Tomorrow. I read his stories growing up, dreamed of building my own  Tesla Gauntlets and going to the moon. Now I realize that what truly drives him is his University, the innovations that he gives away for the public good, and the advancement of science. Even if my research and inventions may rival his, there is only one Doctor Tomorrow. It's like trying to compete with Einstein, Hawking, and DaVinci all in one and wearing a Jet pack."
-The Futurist, Leader of the Science Squad

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Fully Playable Hero

Real Name: Dr. Ambrose Tomorrow
First Appearance: 1887
Powers & Abilities: Uncanny Intellect
Notable Equipment: Jetpack, Mobile Lab, S.C.A.N. Goggles, Tesla Gauntlets, multiple robotic drones, & many more
Born: 1866, Stuartville
Height & Weight: 6’, 164 lbs
Occupation: Inventor, Dean Emeritus of Tomorrow University, Director of the Tomorrowdrome
Notable Associates: Dr. Meredith Meitner (Chief Scientist at the Tomorrowdrome)
Team Affiliations: The Union of Heroes, the Science Squad (Reserve Member)
Nemeses: Prince Vice, Dr. Necronomicon, Mr. Monumental, Dr. Acula, Supercollider


Ambrose’s parents were freed after the Civil War and so for the first time they had real hope for the future, choosing to take the name Tomorrow. Their son was a genius, even at a young age. He read voraciously and began tinkering with anything mechanical that he could get his hands on. Thomas Edison recognized the boy’s genius and gave the teenager an internship at his Electric Works. There he collaborated with Nikola Tesla. The two shared the belief that invention was for the betterment of mankind. Tomorrow helped to create the lightbulb before he was 20. Not wanting to monetize his creations, Tomorrow left Edison and returned to Union City. He attended college and achieved his doctorate, while taking time to fight the Air Pirates and Steam-O the Mechanical Man. When Descartes Graham the Time-Stealer began his great Time-Heist, Doctor Tomorrow created a chrono-culvert to catch him. In their climactic battle the Time-Stealer and Doctor Tomorrow both ended up being stuck in a moment of time, but while Graham was in suspended animation Doctor Tomorrow was able to act, becoming effectively immortal. Dr. Tomorrow built an island laboratory complex and dubbed it the Tomorrowdrome. It included facilities such as a research center, free public science museum, and multiple labs. Doctor Tomorrow uses his jet pack, his Tesla Gauntlets, his S.C.A.N. goggles and a hundred other inventions to do good in Union City. Doctor Tomorrow is compassionate and brilliant. He views his adventures as journeys of discovery; experiments in living laboratories with beings that push the bounds of reality via science, magic, divinity, and cosmic power. He doesn’t mind getting in a fight, but he is far more likely to analyze a situation and come up with an imaginative solution or quickly cobble together a gadget to resolve the problem. He is an eternal optimist, believing that with enough ingenuity, any problem can be overcome.

Heroic Tactics:

Dr. Tomorrow begins the game with three Experiment Origin Cards: Magnetic Manipulators, Mobile Lab, and Tesla Gauntlets. By being creative and inventive he can destroy these, simultaneously performing uncanny deeds and culling his deck of less potent cards. But that’s not the only way he can refine and improve his deck. Technobabble allows him to store cards, keeping them in reserve which can be used in a number of ways. It’s a quick and easy method of pulling a weak card like a Plucky Intern out of your deck without needing to destroy it. Plus, you can get powerful but situational cards like Supersonic Speedster or Bred for Battle when the moment is right. But that’s far from Dr. Tomorrow’s only trick. Doctor Tomorrow is particularly adept at destroying cards, not just for himself but for other Heroes as well. Occam’s Razor lets you destroy one of your own cards when you achieve it and then lets another hero both destroy and draw via its Feat. Half-Life is the most reliable way of doing this with the added bonus of letting heroes preview and potentially discard the top card of their decks. Having the right card with the right resources in your deck isn’t always enough, though. You need them to be in your hand on the turn that matters, and Dr. Tomorrow is sharp enough to have methods for helping with this too. Quantum Tunnel destroys itself to get a union card from anywhere on the board into your hand while Supersymmetry lets you take a card from his own discard pile to use that turn. Destroying cards is only one part of his capacity to craft decks. Once per turn, when he gains Heroism, he can put a Union Card on the Starting Block block, giving all the heroes more     options to be the best they can be. 

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