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"I had such a crush on Gravity Girl when I first started out. She was so hip. And she had these amazing powers totally under control. She manipulates gravity! That power is out of this world... No pun intended. What I mean is, she can wreck it. And as if that weren't enough she becomes Captain Jupiter! With Laser-blaster space gauntlets! Champion of the Stars, man. Champion of the Stars."
-The Fantastic Flux II

Fully Playable Hero

Real Name: Avi Yamazaki
First Appearance: 2005 (as Gravity Girl), 2009 (as Captain Jupiter II)
Powers & Abilities: Inborn Power to manipulate gravity, used to increase or decrease mass, direct force, and propel objects/individuals
Notable Equipment: Energy-blasting Cosmic Gauntlets that grant her flight & space travel
Born: 1990, Tokyo, Japan
Height & Weight: 5’ 3”, 130 lbs
Occupation: Union City Paramedic
Notable Associates: Dr. Haruko Yamazaki (mother), Erik Schroeder (Paramedic Partner)
Team Affiliations: The Union of Heroes, the Asterians, the Unbeatables
Nemeses: Gorthun Gom: the Space Thief, Syzygy, the Swarm, Psycho-Sis 


When Avi Yamazaki’s mother was pregnant in Japan she was exposed to Graviton Particles in her advanced laboratory, which changed the baby somehow. From a young age Avi could float or become too heavy to lift. By the time she hit puberty she could extend that control of gravity to other objects. Her mother moved them to Union City, knowing it was the best place to raise a superpowered child. It was only natural that as a teenager she debuted as Gravity Girl! She went on adventures, honing her gravity manipulation and using it to allow her to fly. These youthful antics matured into a calling for her and she became a more and more powerful hero. She fought KRUSSH the Calamity that Walks, the Swarm, and the Battle Moon under the command of Emperor Napoalien. She had proven herself to be one of the most promising heroes of Union City countless times. That's when she joined Mr. Power and a team to confront an interplanetary threat. The original Captain Jupiter was possessed by Syzygy, who turned him into a weapon of cosmic destruction. After he died helping contain the alien energy monster, Avi assumed on the burden of the Cosmic Gauntlets. With the blessing of Mr. Power she adopted the mantle and the symbol of Captain Jupiter, joined the Union of Heroes, and took on her role as the Champion of the Stars. Captain Jupiter is energetic, clever, and focused. She still has a streak of youthful bravado and cockiness but it is tempered by the immense power she wields and the legacy she seeks to honor. While using her gravitational powers is usually her first and most effective means of dealing with foes she is just as likely to use her Cosmic Gauntlets to lance enemies with energy bolts. She has fought terrible enemies and endless, unthinking hordes of ravening aliens so she tends to be able to see the context of a given conflict and be light-hearted about it. She also knows that if push comes to shove she has the power to throw an enemy into orbit or drive them down into the mantle of the earth. She is equally inventive with her gravitational powers and direct with her energy blasts. She is still thrilled to be a paragon of the heroic community.

Heroic Tactics:

Captain Jupiter is one of Union City’s greatest fighters, and to make the most of her strategy she should be getting into as many fights as possible. If she can regularly defeat enemies she’ll do even better still, because her Cosmic Champion base ability gives her a real boost of Heroism whenever she takes down a foe. She can then utilize that Heroism to get more potent Power Cards like Crushing Momentum or Summon Singularity which will make her an even better fighter.   In order to stay in those fights, Captain Jupiter can also employ a potent array of defensive cards. Inertial Dampening is an effective debuff against assaults from enemies on your block that is persistant since it’s a Legacy. Invert Gravity is one of the most powerful defense cards in the whole game, capable of shielding against even the most extraordinary hits from a foe. But Captain Jupiter can do a lot more than just blast aliens. Her most dynamic and iconic power is her gravity-manipulation. This allows her to move allies, union cards, city cards, and even enemies around the map. The uses of these cards are myriad, allowing her to manipulate the board unlike any other hero. She is able to push enemies off of her block and out of threat range to keep them from counter-attacking. She can set up allies by moving cards to them or even move the heroes themselves to other blocks, and letting them draw extra cards to boot. Even in less direct ways, her gravity manipulation can prove to be a boon, like moving cards off of a block to clear it to use a champion action. Another example would be moving Union Cards to blocks with bonuses for achieving them there, like Dawes Bank.

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