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One-Shot Hero


"He's a good guy. Y'know, he's got his flaws, but heck, we all do. He's probably the laziest do-gooder I ever did meet, but he's a do-gooder nonetheless. I seen 'im take the beatin' of a lifetime from Project Caliban to give cometeer time to get clear of a nuclear blast. Bumble-Boy got put into ICU for three weeks, but he saved Cometeer's life. It's easy to forget that when he's late to a fight cause he overslept or he's gettin' a box'a donuts and eatin' all but one plain one by the time he shows up... But still, there's a hero in there with all them donuts."

Real Name: Scotty Winton
First Appearance: 2000
Powers & Abilities: Flight, Got to Cake Cram Level 82, has Wrangler’s number
Notable Equipment: Bee-Goggles, Buzz Gun
Born: 1982, Union City
Height & Weight: 5’ 8”, 237 lbs
Occupation: Would-be Influencer
Notable Associates: Wrangler (best friend), Inferno (former teammate), Cometeer (former teammate), Aqualei (ex-girlfriend), Baubles (Frenemy with benefits) 
Team Affiliations: Bumble-Boy and Pals, the Union of Heroes
Nemeses: Baubles, Stiletto, The Hornet


Bumble Boy is not the hero we need, nor the hero we deserve; but he is a hero... I mean, at least that’s what his agent says. His only power is to fly and he’s not too great at that, but that’s never stopped him from taking part in the action, at least when he feels like it. Bumble-Boy is notoriously lazy and has an ego the size of the Super Mall to boot. But there have been times that he has truly proven himself to be more than just a guy in a striped suit. Bumble-Boy had been bumming around Union City for a while when Wrangler came up to the big city and the two of them met. Bumble-Boy  helped show him the city and introduced him to other heroes, and Wrangler let Bumble-Boy crash on his couch. Soon they formed “Bumble-Boy and Pals”, even though no one agreed to that name. Still, Wrangler’s leadership and performance with BB&P got him into the Union of Heroes and beyond. Bumble-Boy got an invite to the Union too, almost entirely because of Wrangler’s recommendation. Bumble-Boy likes the perks but doesn’t often show up for the missions. 

Heroic Tactics:

Bumble-Boy’s deck relies on other heroes in a lot of ways. He borrows (takes) Heroism from them and relies on the Basic Resources in their hands when he calls for help. He has some decent cheap cards, like Buzz Gun that doesn’t take up any space in his deck due to its alert and provides reliable Might until you’re ready to use its Feat when you’re in a real battle. Speed of a Bumble Bee lets him flit around until you’re ready to destroy it for some decent Valor. His most powerful card uses the top card of the Union Deck to either get that card for free or to get some potentially whopping Might. Just don’t rely on it... Like Bumble-Boy to a fight, you never know who’s gonna show up.

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